The importance of the brand identity

Every month 22000 people search in Google “How to start a business”. 65% of adults in the UK dream of becoming a business owner.  If you are one of the future market heroes, here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider  of investing in strategic brand identity.

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Magda Andrews

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Unbranded start ups are everywhere and they are easily recognisable: 

  • No website or  done by an first cousin using WordPress template, non  responsive and with blurred logo.
  • No social media accounts or random posting. 
  • Cheap looking logo made with a free logo maker. 
  • Non market strategy.


If you want your business to thrive on a market please consider all of the important benefits that strategic brand identity will bring for your company.

Build trust.

Branded businesses are more likely to create an emotional connection with their customers. The clients are more likely to come back and purchase the products or services again and again, and of course, spread the good words around.

Be remembered.

Investing in brand identity brings you more and more customers. How? They may not remember the name but they will remember the logo or a colour scheme or the personality of the brand. Yes, the personality. How many time you went to a party or business meeting and be introduced to a bunch of new people. Probably you won’t remember their names but you will remember their faces, voices, personality, the way they talk, how they were dressed etc. Same with the brand. People will talk about your business and you as a business owner want them to talk. Some people may won’t use your products or a company but they will mention it to their friends, co-workers and family… just let them remember you.

Improve business visual appearance

Whenever it comes to a website, social media or printed assets such as business cards, your business always and always looks stunning. Have ready made graphic design assets for print and digital save your time and effort. Taking care of your business appearance makes it look professional, trustworthy and searious. 

Charge more.

 If you have invested in branding you are free to charge more for your products and services.  Why? Because the customers are happy to pay more. Sounds great, doesn’t it?  It is called the “Rolls Royces Effect”. Cheaper options are treated as worse and more expensive as better, even thought they look, taste or smell the same. The reason why we, as customers, are likey to pay more is that we do not pay just for a product or a service. We pay to make ourselves good about it and branded businesses make us believe that buying from them is a beneficial operation. The truth is that we don’t buy a product, we buy it because of the brand. 

5. Help to understand the business’s mission statement.

 Every business is for something. It is not just to making money on sell the products and services. There is always a hidden factor that drives the train. The core values and beliefs of the business. The mission statement explains all “whys and hows”. Why on Earth do we do what we do?  For example: we want people to save time at work because we believe it is better to spend more time with family and mastering their hobbies. We believe that we need to take care of our planet so we tailor the production and services so we do not produce plastic trash.

6. Correlate with target audience.

Brand identity helps to focus on our future clients and attract them. Brand stratigic takes into consideration factors such as age, gender, family background, material status, personalities, beliefs and values. Then they tailor the brand assets the way they collerate with potencial target audience.

7. Reduce employee turnover.

Job position is considered as one of the factors that build personal self-esteem and confidence. Branded businesses show less employee turnover because they produce better revenue ( also from the brand strategy) and what’s more they produce work places that make their employees  proud of. Working for a well known company always looks better rather than for outdated shabby looking business that barely anyone heard about.

8.Clarify why choosing your business is a better option.

Branded businesses clearly show “We can do it better, and this how… tadam! ”.  This strategy helps to stand out in the crowd and helps clients to understand the benefits that come from this cooperation.

All of those factors brings what you want  as a business owner:  MORE CLIENTS. More clients equals more revenue. More revenue means more capital to develop your business, new happy and well paid employees, more money to support charities and  more free time and less effort with running a business.

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