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I’ve noticed that often when I use graphic design jargon, I sail my clients in uncharted waters.

Primary logo, secondary logo, brand marks… “Okey….but I need just a simple logo.” Sure. So let’s bring clarity around the terminology.

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Primary Logo

The most used logo type that includes business name, brand slogan and other graphic elements such as an icon.

Secondary Logo

The simplified version of the primary logo or a logo with rearranged elements that fit well to different dimensions e.g. portrait, landscape. 

Secondary Logo. graphic design website
Nestia Creative Logo graphic design website

Brand Marks

Supportive elements that work on very small spaces such as a profile image. It could be either an icon or initials arranged in a way that is easily recognisable and linked to the brand. 

Brand Pattern

 the most interesting brand element. Cover larger surfaces and can be very easily recognised. Custom made patterns  bring an extra flair to the mood and value of the brand.  

Nestia Creative Logo graphic design website

Why does the brand need more than one logo? Having different variations allows the brand to appear in certain spaces without sacrificing the quality of the design. Primary logos don’t always look as good as small profile images, so it’s better to have some alternatives.

Same story with a colour. If the logo needs to be put on the top of the image, it’s good to have at least two colour options that work either on light and dark background. More logo variation means more options so the brand always looks stunning. 

I hope it helps you learn more about branding. If you have any questions or may be wondering about your brand having a unique visual identity and successful strategy, please do not hesitate to contact. 

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